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The most attractive feature of any woman is her crowning glory, her long lustrous hair. Whenever we think of long hair all of us do remember about the fairy tale where Raphenzul with her thick long hair has helped the prince. That’s why a good hairstyle can change your look completely. Today’s let’s take a tour into various different hairstyle meant for different occasions. Dear ladies please remember from morning tonight we all visit a different place and we do wear dresses or saris accordingly. So it is also essential to mark your hair style accordingly.


The first look of today is the Fishtail Braid look.  This particular hair style looks tough, but is actually an easy braid to pull off.  First tie your   hair into a low ponytail (use a ribbon, small clamp, or something you can easily remove after). Section the ponytail into two parts. Take a piece from the outermost part of each section, e.g. leftmost for the section on your left, rightmost for right and move it to the other section. Keep doing this alternately until you reach the end of the ponytail and secure with  an elastic or a cute hair accessory. You can do your hair this way for your college, for an evening tea party or for shopping time.

The second look is called the Twisted Bun. First part your hair from the one side of your head. Make a thin braid out of the hair. Take all the other part of your hair into a tight pony tail. Now take thin section of hair and twist it around the ponytail. Repeat the same style with all of your hair. Now the hair gets the look of a twisted bun.  Now take the thin braid and twist it around your bun. So you have an exotic twist bun ready for party or evening get together.

The essential Bridal Bun. This look is very simple to create. Back brush all your hair into back side and  part hair from the front into small section and make braids from those sections and pin it up .Now roll your hair back and make it like a bun. Now accessorize your front braid section and your back bun. The bridal bun look is ready.

For everyday college or beach look try the quick style. Make a side partition and take three to four section of hair and twist each portion and pin it up. Your quick hair style is ready.
One may also try a low neck French cognac style. So whatever is your age, skin tone or physicality do try all these above hair style for various occasions which will make you look like a  stunning celebrity every time you step out. So try out different hair style for a new change to your all over appearance.

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